April Athlete of the Month – Natalie

1. Tell us about yourself:

I’m a proud military wife to CPT Russell and mother of 5 kids ranging in ages 11 down to 3. I was born and raised in Utah before moving to JBER 2 years ago. I enjoy taking care of my home and family full time. I’m a devout Christian and love to dance, play piano, read, and cook foods that please my hubby!

2. What made you start CrossFit? 

Ben, my husband, and I started together at 907 Crossfit in response to an invitation from Adam Tucker. I honestly thought I would tire of Crossfit before Ben but I fell in love with it! Staying fit keeps me sane and I love the social environment and physical challenge that comes with Crossfit. I love that the gymnastics and mobility aspect boost my self-confidence but that I can continue to improve in Olympic lifting.

3. What is your favorite CrossFit movement, lift, or WOD?

I’m all about any Chipper WOD. The long endurance aspect is always appealing. I especially enjoy anything that works shoulders.

4. Least favorite?

My least favorite is a tie between snatch and clean.

5. What is the one tip you would give someone considering or is new to CrossFit?

Be patient with your progress and utilize the expertise of the coaching staff as much as possible.

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